All stars are closer now!

Survival on all fours,
Easier than on twos:
Maternal on all costs,
Man didn’t give dues:
Later,previleges lost
Go taste planet’s goods:
Over for a moment I was
T’s a big world,full of fools:

Some to campaign,
Some to survive:
T’s pleasure or pain
To help soul thrive:
Som’ suckers for change
Som’ seekers of truth:
Over for a moment I was
T’s a big world,full of fools:

Eyes wide but blind
Don’t you see we are to grind?
Asked painter,canvas behind!
Both of which can bind
From fours to twos, be kind
Over for a moment I was
T’s a big word,full of fools


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Picture this,then picture me!




I did it,
I did it,again,
Tho’t had killed it
‘Twas all in vain:
Like milk which is spilt,
Lies to mother made her pain:
Wanted to get out,
World would’ve me slained:
Addiction from without,
Adding to my canvas paint:
Sinner’s road to saint,
Saul to Paul to chain:

Promises of my future to reign,
Provided my past leaves no stains:
Get over it,from clouds hence rain,
Getting tired of saving shame:
Hiding prior to my prey in game
I’ll if a must my habits tame
Hills i’ll climb over like plane,
Wishes may mean flat over plain:
Don’t get me twisted,I’m not insane
Not yet if i must say,
I’m getting over it,
Getting over it,again!



by Wambeo James

Paid fee to feel free
Priceless,it’s a big deal
Cost no less, t’s rainy real
T’s tracking a pregnant eel
Dragon’s skin,do you peel ?
Lifetime’s perfection of skill
It’s a work of art,be still
Yes to hate, will don’t kill

Oh Yeah ! They swear
Get car ,bar from bare
I’m bad at that dare
I’m good like i care
For now love is rare
Like waters top layer
Raise your game player
Or bank her with prayers

Oh Hey !time to tease
Love when body’s at ease
T’will rise up as if pleased
Lies !Can it even miss ?
Now’s time to make peace
Or forever hold,don’t piss
Silent as snake with no hiss
In foreverland we might kiss

Sun Showed

By Swambee Jaymost (a special Mother’s Day edition!)

Sun showed,
As i was standing there,
Just there;middle of nowhere,
Guess it’s where Mufasa the King roared,
Sun behind me,warming my back wears,
Moon i face,directly suspended on air,
There i stood between the two as a road,

Sun showed,
Paleness of the atmosphere,she uncovered,
Like a light blanket over the mountains,she covered,
Clouds so bright their glory can’t hide,
Breeze to the trees did adhere;
Birds to the sky with joyful tears,
“T’s a new day!”Said the lone calm lake tide

Sun showed,
Arise and shine Oh! Sleeper!
Let’s see through visions Oh! Dreamer!
Like lizards on rocks,let’s busk;
And feel the warmth of each other,
With clarity uphold future as a baby-mother,
Each new day,fulfill promises as a task


Isaiah 66:13 As a mother comforts her child,
so will I comfort you;
and you will be comforted over Jerusalem.”

To all mothers πŸ§‘πŸ€—!!

#HappyMothersDay #SwambeeWasHere #CoronaVirusCovid19Pandemic #WeShallOvercome #FaithOverFear #StayHomeStaySafe

Salt and Light both alike

“A city on a hill can’t hide. “

By Swambee Jaymost….

She couldn’t tell her dude;
She wasn’t feeling good,
Couldn’t see the essence of food,
Earlier,relaxed by view and sea food,
The only taste she understood,
Maybe she is now not in the mood,
She needed proof;to find salt,she stood,
But lights were off the hood,
Eating with the devil;that’s crude!
No table manners and he is rude,
She now knows what doom looks like,
She now can tell what stale tastes like,
Salt and light,both alike

He was the best in the game,
Slogan ‘apple of pitch’s eye’ wasn’t lame;
For a champ’ and muscles of his fame,
Attractive to many,like stars they came,
Sweetest nectar,like bees they came,
Won the race,best of human race,
That’s ace! Oh!What a name!
Suddenly he switched to wild,from tame,
Unruly,proud and arrogant he became,
Lost his salt,ministry to industry he proclaims,
Masses trampled on him amidst frights,
Stampede! Reason being,he hid their light,
Salt and light,both alike

We all wear same shoes,the same way
Without them, penalty we’ll pay,
Road off life, we might walk away,
Stop playing with what you can’t play,
No taste, no vision,just stale and stray,
World served a delicacy of beauty,
Earth salted and lit us adequately,
But we are messy, dark and crazy,
An empty stomach;focus,blurry,
We lose!Nothing is easy,
But with patience,love and honesty,
We’ll achieve more than greatly,
Salt and light,both alike

Matthew 5 [NIV]
[vs: 13] β€œYou are the salt of the earth. But if the salt loses its saltiness, how can it be made salty again? It is no longer good for anything, except to be thrown out and trampled by men.[vs: 14] β€œYou are the light of the world. A city on a hill cannot be hidden.[vs: 15] Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand, and it gives light to everyone in the house.[vs: 16] In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven.

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SCHOOL OF πŸ’­thoughtsπŸ’­

“Mind saved by heart;just think”



I tried, yes i did
I tried to figure out what i just did
Maybe that figure wasn’t figuratively speaking
About the pictures that my own mind was picking
I tried to count,yes i did
I tried to count the number of times I missed
But the number of those numbers got me pissed
Nothing added up, i guess i messed
Not better than a math teacher;
I’m just a student that’s it
I get the test,’touch the crest’
If i fail, no rest
If i pass, i beat my chest
Atleast i can text the rest of my day
That’s how i wish it ends
Happy endings,but do they really end?
Oh!They were just wishes my friend!
No wonder worries wander around our dreams
No certainty, it’s like butter doubting cream
If i scare you, you will scream
If i give you ice cream you will scream
Let me teach you, let us be a team
Maybe together we can day-dream
And graduate from the School of Thoughts

No i didn’t try
I didn’t try to forget
I’m just not sure what i wanted
What am I saying? Oh no!I’m just thinking
I did try so hard to find what I’ve been seeking
To quit i didn’t try
My body was still floating
It’s my mind which was sinking
I tried to look overboard
But i think i was over thinking
That board was always there sleeping
But wait, why was it always black
Oh the white one was reserved for special tasks
I mean the West can’t just be as the East
It’s like expecting power to be at ease
Yes maybe if it want to please
But in that case, our will will be shipped overseas
Am i overreacting again?
Or am i just thinking outside the box
It depends,which box? Match box or the boxing ring?
This fight has to end
When will you listen to me?
My mind you must hear me, or I’ll mind my own business
Oh no!You are my business,You are me
But i must win this time
Pin you down give you commands
Which ‘thy must follow with thine heart’
It’s a win-win situation remember
Then Together we can day-dream
And lastly graduate from the School of Thoughts



“U see us from heaven. “

(Spoken Word composed and perfomed by poet Swambee)

(..It’s on a certain weekday evening;the church is empty.No people!…)
Swambee: (at the altar) “Let’s all lift up our heads for a word of prayer.Let’s keep our eyes open,this time,with our face up,direction sky; Let’s cry”

“Maisha ni safari,Mungu tupe fare;
Ama utupe nguvu za kutembea,
Maadui wanatuotea,majirani wanatuchochea,
Ni wewe tu utatutetea,
Baba Ona!

Nguvu za mikono zinatuishia;
Za miguu kwote kwote zinaishia,
Matatizo yanaongezeka,
While majukumu yanatungojea,
Mwili umegonjeka,kejani tunaboeka,
Ni wewe tu utatuhurumia,
Baba Ona!

Tunakosa hadi mavazi,hatuna hali hatulali,
Maji yalibeba makaazi,kama meli ukweli,
Mungu tubariki na kazi,akili na mali,
Tuweze tofautisha shida,raha na mapozi,
Penye laana shusha baraka,mikosi hazikosi,
Jamii ina vikosi,vitisho havikosi,
Jamaa uwalishe upesi bwana hatuna ata kozi,
Ugali haitoshi mboga,twala machozi na moshi,
Mtetezi unaishi,hatukuwachi hata mara mosi,
Ni wewe tu utatufurahisha,uturahisishie,
Baba Ona!

Mungu wakati huu ni mgumu,
Tunatembea na wewe coz hatuna ata njumu,
Life imeturn upside down, hakuna utamu,
Kila kitu by our side imefade,hatuna hamu,
Tunafahamu uko humu,tufanikishie majukumu,
Tuondolee matatizo na magonjwa haya sumu
Ni wewe tu tabibu ‘tatutibu taratibu,
Baba Ona!

Tuna imani tutashinda,
But nashinda hapa nikishindwa;
Mbona tunashindwa maadui wakishinda?
Yes!Umetulinda Yesu, asante!
But Baba,maisha bila maji, kiu inapanda
Njaa mwilini imeniganda, tupe mkate,
Ndoto ni ndizi za Uganda,
Nitoke niendee kwake matoke;
Ama Tanzania,chapo dondo kwa kibanda
Baba usikubali adui atuteke,
Asanti za punda,tushakula tayari mateke,
Kwa baraka zako tayari utuweke,
Na mbinguni tukija,nyumba yako milele tutumike
Ni we tu tunaangalia,tunalilia,tunatumainia,na kuaminia,
Baba Ona!…..Amina!”

Nothing but prayers! We shall overcome! #CoronaVirus #Covid19Pandemic #FaithOverFear #StayHomeStaySafe #Swambeewashere whatsapp/calls: +254 792 022 099 Swambee_Jaymost (all social media platforms)


”Wood was good.”

Poet Swambee_Jaymost presents a new spoken_word piece entitled….


πŸ•–I’m just a dead wood,ain’t I ?
No! I didn’t say that, it’s a lie;
Better than they tell before they lie,
The carpenter had enough;maybe suit and tie,
The axe-man had his fill of liquor he don’t buy,
The painter,skillful but still i wanna cry,
Do you know why?
No!You don’t! You never know!
My mother plant and siblings didn’t even say goodbye,
I don’t belong here;thought t’was for a while,
This family is not even mine,
They open and close me oftenly,you’d think it’s a try,
When angry, their mom slams me hard, then sighs,
Their small boy knows no difference between a knock and a bang,
Their dad,phew!Carpenter will fix me tomorrow,
The painter always on me with insane colours,
Everyday,I’m a stare away from these blind walls,
I wish i could say hi;
Or maybe wave to the sky,
Like i used to,
I don’t hear the birds chirp anymore;
Don’t feel their sweet melodies amidst smooth breeze,
Oh!I miss that feeling,
My memories are ruined,
When you feel but don’t speak, you’ll see,
It’s lonely in here, especially when they are in vacation,
I miss my own family,
Don’t know where my sisters and brothers were taken,
Maybe they were burnt for charcoal;
Maybe used for fire in the same vacation,
I hear they call it ‘camp fire’
Their little daughter was very excited,
But how long shall this end?
No! Not the vacation.
I mean this,me;
Nailed here leaning on metallic hinges,
Oh! I miss the ridges,
Animals loved that place,
No! No! No! All i have now are these edges,
No shape,no say, no love
Feel’s like just the cages,
The Carpenter thought it better
For me to be flat
Thin,sliced and merged together,
Aaargh!This sucks!
I wasn’t this thin; was very thick;
Juicy and fat,
Oh!No! I’m overthinking again,
I should atleast appreciate,
Atleast I’m not burning,
But that’s my fate all the same,
Maybe after a better metallic door dives in;
Or when a smiling shiny glass door is fixed in,
I’m just a dead wood, ain’t I?
No! I didn’t say that, it’s a lie,
πŸ•˜I’m just a wooden door.

Job 14:7 There is hope for a tree that has been cut down;it can come back to life and sprout

Greetings World!,may this piece speak to you.May it inspire a perfect experience of past successes and thoughts of future victories.You are already a champion; you are just in a training corner.Don’t lose faith.It takes time to believe it but be the one to instill serenity in yourself, your friends, your family and our world;If only there is love.

Plant a tree or two where you are.Let’s save and preserve the next generation of global beauty, healthy environment and a world ready for adventure.

“For it is not metres,but a metre-making argument that makes a poem.” – Carl Bode (The Portable Emerson)
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“I miss us; I know you do too.”

(Spoken_Art composed and perfomed by poet Swambee_Jaymost )


Everyone has a calling;
Everyone has a connection,
We just need to pick and answer the call,
But many are times we divide our attentions,
Maybe it’s never our intentions,
Enemy stole, killed and destroyed our passion,
Without caution, he passed it to other persons;
People with devilish obligations,deceptions and pretentions,
While we remain rotting in prisons,
But,we have one who has won our case;
The Righteous Judge came so that we may
Have life and have it to the full;
My Lord!My first aid! I testify!

I’m from a place where minds are held down;
Minds are held down with shackles of doom ,
We see no change;our flowers never bloom,
From a place where bones are in agony,out of joints;
Where bones are broken and crushed;
Where bones have no soundness;
Where ‘ hello!’ is answered by shyness;
Sorry I’m not perfect in my bones,
I’m from a place where hearts are filled with
Regrets, suicidal thoughts and grief ,
But then Boom! He showed up and gave
Health to my body and nourishments to my bones,
My Lord! My first Aid! I testify!

I was always afraid;I always failed
Always betrayed and said,
Always on labour that never paid,
In pain that never fades
Always a slave,in chains and cage
But I never hesitated;I prayed
To My Lord! My First Aid! I testify!

These chains brought tears to my eyes;
Brought fear into my heart,
Chains that make me plead for mercy;
Chains that make me cry for justice,
Chains that instill sorrows;
That kills my insides and my soul,
But He unchained all chains!
He opened the gate for this sheep!
The Good Shepherd,laid His life for His sheep,
And now i shall not want; even the deep
I’ll rest, I’ll sleep, I have hope in,
My Lord! My First Aid! I testify!

Greetings world!Christ Jesus lives!
We shall overcome! Keep the hope high!This pandemic will soon be over.

“We don’t live on our own status, but because God approves.” _James Wambeo

Share this poem widely;encourage someone today!
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‘U captured,I caption,by nature’



πŸ•I have been away for many years;
I have been hiding my way,maybe in tears,
This being of clay was about to tear;
The being made for reverence and fear,
It’s purpose, yesterday,was not clear,
Maybe sky was laid low for the antlers of deer,
But those means are the memories so dear,
These are the pictures captured by nature of caption.

πŸ•“When the sun rises, the stars are put out;
Moon vanishes like a thief chased out,
Brightest of days are those with darkest yester’nights,
Assurance surpasses all hopes and the doubts of mights,
Playing catch with a withered left but right,
Practising to sing practically for a fortnight;
It’s like watching a cock win a bull fight,
These are the pictures captured by nature of caption.

πŸ•–Was Rome so beautiful when given name?
Yet the namer meant full beauty and fame,
Immortal manner recognitive of wild that tames,
It is the flower that blossoms when stem is lame,
Shakespeare notes the shadow of desert,rain came,
Thanks to the menor, the forest is now not in flames;
Future of it’s essence is fixed in a frame,
These are the pictures captured by nature of caption.

πŸ•˜The stories i tell are past prophesies untold,
Like an axe on a tree trunk stuck while my sleeve i fold;
Strike of an earthquake to make pits of gold;
Legends first choice in a dilemma hot and cold,
It’s for the common wealth of both the young and old;
Balance between the gain we bought and the loss we sold,
The constant love for truth,good and beauty that is bold,
These are the pictures captured by nature of caption.

There is still hope.Be your brothers keeper during this period.This pandemic will soon be over.Take heart and know that someone cares.Our humanity still remain. Be encouraged. May this poem brighten up your thoughts and soul.God bless you! #CoronaVirus #WeShallOvercome #FaithOverFear #swambeewashere
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